Surrogacy and Surrogate Mother definition

Are you thinking about surrogacy as an option to become parents? Are you looking for a surrogate mother? Do you have any doubt about the surrogacy process? What is a surrogate? Where do I start?

surrogate mother

Let’s start this article answering some of these questions:

What is a surrogate mother?

A surrogate, also named traditional surrogate (traditional surrogacy) or gestational surrogate (gestational carrier) is a woman who will help someone to become parents carrying a baby for them.

become a surrogate mother

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a contract between the Prospective IPs (Intended Parent) and a surrogate. The surrogate mother will become pregnant through an IVF transfer and will carry a baby in behalf of the intended parents until the baby birth.

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Why surrogacy?

Couples and individuals may choose to pursue a surrogacy journey based on different reasons:

  • Infertility problems
  • Health problems
  • Same sex people

surrogate mother in canada

Types of surrogacy: Gestational surrogacy and Traditional surrogacy

As explained at the beginning of this article, there are two types or surrogates and for consequence two types of surrogacy process: traditional and gestational surrogacy.

In general, due to legal and moral concerns in general surrogate mothers and intended parents prefer to follow a gestational surrogacy process in which the surrogate (gestational carrier) has no genetical link or connections with the baby she will carry because their eggs are not used.

become a surrogate motehr in usa

What is the cost of a surrogacy process?

Depending of the country where you are going to purse your surrogacy journey, the cost can change a lot (for example surrogacy in USA is more expensive than Surrogacy in Canada or in other East European countries). On the other hand, your personal choices can affect to final cost, for example if you will hire an agency or not. It’s important you take in consideration all the possible factors when you estimate the cost. More about surrogate mother cost

Legal Considerations in a Surrogacy Journey

Surrogacy regulations are not the same in every country and even can vary from region to region within a country. Whether you are a surrogate mother, egg donor or intended parent, get in contact with a fertility/family lawyer before starting your surrogacy journey.


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